CEO Greetings


Dear Valued Customers, 

We,  APROTN, represent marine products of manufacturers in Korea. Those products are mostly Ship spare parts and/or Ship machineries as well as ship stores and ship equipment. On behalf of ship owners and customers, we deal with those manufacturers in our networks, negotiate price matters, production schedule, quality control and shipment process for assuring the exact and fast handovers. This is a lot more than just a shipchandler.

Simply listing up what we can do in this website might be not enough. Instead, we promise that we can show you a lot more other talents sine we always do our jobs in the way of innovative and open-minded. This site is created by myself independently and therefore the new updates could be added up continuously and you will find more interesting things and factors as time goes by.

As starting to work with us, you are also just get into our networks, sharing and enjoying condensed useful information. In doing so, from APROTN, you will get things what you exactly want, more than you expect. What we want from you is that you simply ask for us your inquiries for ship materials and other RFQs in your hands. The more you knock knock, the better you will get. Email us, via

Sincerely yours,

YOO Tae Yoon / Managing Director
TN / TNmall


2021 Sep

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corporate history

Establishment & Incorporated

▶ 2003 April, Founded Apro Shipping Co., in Ulsan Korea
(Tax Code 610-18-66333)
▶ 2004 July, Founded Apro Shipping Co., Ltd., in Ulsan Korea
(Tax Code 610-81-72770)

Shifts & Renamed

▶ 2006 09 Moved to Busan Tool Mart Block 8
▶ 2011 08 Bought and Moved to T-plex Block 221
▶ 2016 11 Bought and Moved to Iron & Steel Complex Zone 119
▶ 2019 02 Bought Jillye Factory (800P)
▶ 2019 12 Moved to T-plex Block 217 and Renamed Apro T. N. Co., Ltd.
as of today

Sister Companies

▶ 2006 09 Commenced Euro Total Fittings Co.
▶ 2011 08 Established Aero Export Wooden Packing Co.
(T/C 606-32-86447)
▶ 2015 05 Establised EN Co., Ltd.
(T/C 335-13-00075)
▶ 2015 01 Establised TN Co., Pvt.
(T/C 606-36-26001) as of today
▶ 2017 12 Participated in Management of Haedo Laser Co., Ltd.

Memberships & Lincenses

▶ 2004 10 Licensed Ship Repair Business and Ship Supply Business
▶ 2004 11 Become membership of KITA and KOTRA
▶ 2005 06 Certified ISO 9001 by DNV(Expired 2008)
▶ 2009 11 Awarded 1 M Export Tower Prize by President Lee M B
▶ 2015 07 Certified Safe Workplace by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
▶ 2019 07 Nominated Certified Trading Company by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

CEO backgrounds


▶ 1988 National BMT High School Graduated
▶ 1995 University of Tasmania Applied Computing Studied
▶ 2000 Dong-A University Graduated
Majored French & Frech Literature
▶ 2007 Ulsan University Post Graduate School Graduated
Majored International Business Management
▶ 2018 Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduated
Majored Japanese & Chinese

Work Experience

▶ 1987 Worked HHI
▶ 1988 Served Korean Army
▶ 1995 Worked Medical Equipement Manufacturer
▶ 1996 Worked Chemical Components Manufacturer
▶ 1997 English Tutor
▶ 1999 Worked Cote D’Ivoire Perruque Manufacturer
▶ 2000 Worked Shoes Agency in China
▶ 2002 Worked Shipping Agency
▶ 2003 Worked DSME

Various Skills

▶ Computing Illustrator / Photoshop / Auto CAD
▶ Language English / French / Japanese / Chinese
▶ Senario Composition and Writings
▶ License for Power Water Leisure Apparatus / Open Water Advanced
▶ Patent for easy packing box