Total Marine Supply Coordinator since 2003


Supply of Ship Spares, Machinery Parts, Ship Stores & Repair Service for Ship Equipment

“Quickest Reply ! Fastest Supply ! Fully Qualified !”

In terms of ship supply business, I have been armed with a long life technical background and various language skills as well as the academical publication. The motto "EXACTITUDE" is in fact my word. With one enquiry, you will have more than ship supply from APRO.
tae yoon(remi) yoo
Managing Director

Ship Spare Parts Supply

  • Pumps, Purifiers, Boilers, Cranes, Motors etc.
  • Plate Coolers & Electrical Equipment
  • Marine Valves, Dress Couplings

Ship Stores Supply

  • IMPA/ISSA Items for Running Vessels
  • Initial Ship Stores for New Buildings
  • As a coordinator for Initials Preparation of newbuildings

Mooring Ropes & Rigging Hardware

  • HMPE & Atlas Mooring Ropes
  • Wire Ropes and Rigging Items

Laser Cut/Bending/CNC Machining/Welding Finish

  • Laser Cutting & Bending
  • Pipe & Steel Rod Bending
  • CNC / MCT Machining
  • Welding Fabrication

We hope this proposal would be in accordance with your needs. Thus, if you have any requisitions in your hands, please do not hesitate to try us.